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 Oxley Nursing Service Pty Ltd (Sydney)  

Oxley Nursing Service offers employment and training opportunities that can increase your professional knowledge and provide further experience in a wide range of health care specialities.

We have the expertise to match your skills with your professional goals and we employ a team of trained customer service consultants to assist you.

Agency nurses have a broad skill base and Oxley has a team of registered, enrolled and assistant nurses working in health care facilities throughout Queensland. We are recognised as one of the State's leading agencies and this, together with the growing use of a casual nursing workforce, means that our nursing staff are in constant demand.

Oxley Nursing Service is a preferred supplier to hospitals in both the public and private sectors. We are proud of our service record which has been achieved and maintained through the quality of professional health care provided by our nursing team.

Sydney, NSW 2000
Tel: 1300 36 0456

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